Music is powerful. It can make or break almost any experience. A song can transport you instantly to a significant moment in your life, and it can connect you to the people around you.

The Bible is filled with songs, and communal singing has been an integral part of the Christian community since its beginning. We recognize the importance of music in worship as a way to tap into a deeper spiritual place when words alone are inadequate, and we welcome the energy that comes from singing and playing together.

If you are interested in joining one of our music groups please contact Debbie Henning, Director of Music, at

For more information on specific choirs you may click on the links in the ‘Choir’ column in the table below.

Our Vision
We, as human beings, were created to worship and praise our God. Music is one of those gifts God has given to us that we can give back to Him. With gratefulness and joy we lift our songs and voices to our Lord Jesus Christ. For many, music lifts their spirits and souls to express their love and commitment to serving our God and the community at large. It allows us to express our emotions whether it is jubilant rejoicing or mournful sadness. The listener and performer are drawn closer to God’s presence. To that end, the music program at Grace encourages believers to utilize their gifts in music to honor and serve the Lord.

Grace UMC welcomes any individual with a passion for worship and music to join one of the various groups. If you are gifted musically, check out the back of this card to learn more about how to get involved. We look forward to getting to know you.

Music Program at Grace

Devine EnsembleSunday12:15pm - 12:45pmSanctuaryKristin Beebe
Joyful VoicesTuesday12:15pm - 1:00pmForest Oak 205Debbie Henning
Grace RingersTuesday6:30pm - 7:30pmFellowship HallDebbie Henning
Chancel ChoirTuesday7:30pm - 9:00pmForest Oak 205Debbie Henning
Caroling AngelsWednesday6:45pm - 7:45pmForest Oak 201Mindy Ward / Onet Brewer
Carillon GuildBeth Price