At Grace United Methodist Church our middle school and high school youth ministry program is United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF)/@hand Student Ministry.
@hand Student Ministry seeks to further the kingdom of God, as made evident by our name. The meaning comes from Mark 1:15, when Jesus says “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” “At hand” is a common biblical expression for immediate, now, or present. Students are only a part of the ministry for a few years, so the sense of urgency is communicated in the title of the ministry. What @hand student ministry is about is leading the current generation of 6th-12th grade students to understand that they are a valuable person with an important role in the Kingdom of God as much in the present as they will be in the future. Therefore, @hand’s short motto is simply this:
invest in the present.

Are you a student or parent of a student who is tired of hearing that someone only matters based on what they can produce rather than who they are? We want students to know who they are, to be able to speak intelligently about their own faith, and to engage with God and each other in a safe space. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, you can do one or more of the
following things:

• Contact William Ripley for more information
at or contact our church office at 301-926-8688
• Join us on Sunday morning for @hand Sunday school at 9:15am.
• Join us Sundays for @hand youth group from 4:00-6:30pm.

For more information about @hand student ministry please contact our Youth Coordinator, William Ripley, at